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4 Tips To Negotiate A Price With A Real Estate Agent

Selling a home through a realtor is an expensive process. It’s best to negotiate a price with a real estate agent to ensure that you make the most out of it. Here are 4 tips on making a successful cash offer on a house:

  1. Know Your Financial Position:

The first step towards negotiating a price with a real estate agent is to be familiar with your financial position, including how much you can afford on fees and repair costs. It would be best if you also were clear on how soon you need the money your property is worth.

  1. Research Local House Prices

If you don’t know the average selling price of houses in your area, it will be challenging to negotiate a price. You can use online tools; search for “average selling prices in Charlotte” in your favorite search engine.

  1. Ask The Agent To Reduce Their Commission

Another tip on negotiating a price with a real estate agent involves asking them to reduce their commission so they are more flexible when working towards making a better offer for the house.

  1. Make Sure They Know You Are Ready To Walk Away

One of the best ways of negotiating a cash offer on a home with a real estate agent is to let them know that you are ready to walk away if they do not reduce the home’s final cost. This will motivate them to lower their initial asking price to close on the deal quickly.

Use An Alternative

Many people don’t like negotiating or prefer to avoid it. A great way to avoid this hassle is working with a home buyer. Companies that buy houses make great cash offers and won’t charge any surprise fee or charges. 


They also buy fast, and in as-is condition, so you’ll get your money fast. Cash home buyers make professional offers based on market value, so you know you’ll be getting the best offer for your house.

Charlotte Home Buyers

At Travis Buys Homes, we offer cash for homes regardless of whether or not it is an old house or one with structural problems. Selling your house quickly allows you to avoid issues and keep a neat credit score. You’ll also get your money without delay, so you can take on any life project you have. 


Avoid hassling negotiations; get the best cash offer for your house today.