Selling To Travis Buys Homes Vs. Selling With A Realtor

Selling w/ An Agent
SOLD To Travis Buys Homes
Who Pays For Repairs?:
Negotiated During Inspection Period
NONE – We pay for all repairs
Closing Date:
30-60 +/- days after accepting buyer’s offer
Number of Showings:
8-15 Showings… OR MORE
1 (Just Us)
Average Days Until Sold:
+/- 91 days
Appraisal Needed:
Yes, sale is usually subject to appraisal
NONE – we make cash offers
Inspection & Financing Contingency*:
Yes, up to 15% of sales fall through
Who Pays Closing Costs?:
2% on average is paid by YOU
NONE – we pay all closing costs
Commissions / Fees:
6% on average is paid by YOU

Fast & Easy

Our process is one of the fastest and easiest in Charlotte. As soon as you fill out the form and send it our way, we will contact you back in less than 72 hours. with an all-cash offer.

Pay Zero Fees Or Costs

Travis Buys Homes works with ZERO fees or costs. We're not realtors, so you won't have to worry about hidden fees in the process. Everything is transparent with us.

Any Condition, Any Situation

We don't mind in which condition your house is currently in! We want to help you get out of that situation you're currently in, so we will buy it from you as-is!

What We Offer

Sell Your House In Your Timeline

One thing that we really care about at Travis Buys Homes is honest. We like to be very honest with our customers. We won’t be offering the full-price for your home as you might’ve expected. However, we offer MANY amazing benefits that not even realtors can offer.  

Your Comfort Is Our Main Goal!

Many homeowners think moving out or selling their house can be stressful. However, when you work with Travis Buys Homes all that stress goes away! We don’t expect every single property to be in perfect conditions, and we don’t even care if it! We actually just want to buy your house as-is. Even if some repairs are needed or if it needs a complete remodel.

We want to make an offer for your property and we don’t want you stressing about any remodel project, or anything like that! 

Say good bye to scheduling home repairs before selling your property. Save time and money with Travis Buys Homes.

No Pesky Fees Or Last Minute Changes!

Work with our professional home buyers at Travis Buys Homes and sell your house in no time! 

We pay for all closing costs and our ALL-CASH offer is what you will get once you sign that contract. We don’t play around and no hidden fees or last-minute changes will be done. We are professionals and we take very seriously what we do for you!

Selling your house has never been this EASY! It’s so easy to work with us because we’re professionals that help you save your money on commissions, fees, remodel costs, and holding costs. Sell your property FAST with Travis Buys Homes. 

Submit The Property Form And Sell Your House

Travis Buys Homes has created the EASIEST process in Charlotte. If you’re looking to sell your property in YOUR timeline, start by filling out the form in our website or give us a call. Our professional home buyers are ready for your call and we will schedule an appointment to look at your property and close the deal whenever you’re ready.

Request your FREE all-cash offer for your house now!