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4 Tips to Sell an Ugly House in a Bad Location

Whether you have experience or it’s your first time selling a home, it is, by itself, a hard process. However, imagine selling a home that requires repair and remodelation and is located in a bad neighborhood. You may think it’s almost impossible to get a good deal for a house under those conditions. However, we’re here to tell you how it is achievable to sell an ugly house fast and easy. 


What Makes an Ugly House?

So, how do I know if my house is ugly to the market? That simple question involves a more complex answer than everybody expects. Of course, some cosmetic issues can make a house unattractive to many people, but the term “ugly” actually covers more than that. To us, ugly means a house in poor condition. Some aspects that can make a house “ugly” are:

  • Structural problems (sticking doors or windows, cracks, leaning or bulging walls, uneven, bouncy, or springy floors, roof spread).
  • Undesirable mortgage terms, high payments, or high-interest rates.
  • Tragic events or experiences that took place in the property, such as fires.
  • Houses that were inherited where the owner can’t afford to keep it.
  • Damages caused by Mother Nature (earthquakes, fires, floods, etc.).
  • Too old properties that require cosmetic attention.
  • Unattractive location. 

Due to the reasons previously mentioned, it’s generally hard for homeowners to sell their properties fast at a good price, especially when they’re already facing difficult situations such as divorce, job loss, foreclosure, relocation, bankruptcy, and more. But, how can you sell your ugly house if it’s in a bad neighborhood? First, let’s identify when properties are badly located. 


What Makes an Unattractive Neighborhood?

Just like the “ugly” term, different factors can make a neighborhood not very attractive to prospective buyers. Some locations that can make your home selling process a little bit more complicated include:

  • High crime areas.
  • Areas prone to weather damage like flood plains.
  • Areas near main roads and highways that connect to the suburbs.
  • Locations with hospitals, fire stations, airports, or schools nearby (constant sounds from ambulances, jet engines, buses, and alarms).


Ugly House? Bad Location? No Problem

Fortunately, you still have some options if you want to sell your property quickly, regardless of its location or appearance. Let’s explore 4 tips to get a good deal for your house:

Interior & Exterior Design 

If you decide to work on the aesthetics of your home by yourself, then there’s a lot to do. Don’t forget presentation is key, and homebuyers are definitely looking for something that catches their attention from the second they see your house from the driveway. Take your time to improve some aspects of your home to make it look new, modern, and attractive. 

Decorative elements are never a bad idea to brighten up your rooms. Take advantage of your wall spaces, green areas, spacious spots, and make them stand out. Paint your walls with bright colors and go bold in small places if necessary. Test, test, and keep testing. You can also try different positions for your furniture. Experiment and the final results could surprise you.  

Provide Appealing Routes

There’s generally more than one way to get to a location, so use different and more attractive routes to distract your prospective buyers from the most ugly-looking spots of your neighborhood. If there’s a stunning park or green area near your home, make sure to lead their attention to those places so they can understand the value of your property. 

Work on Basic Repairs 

If your house needs maintenance, make sure to fix the basic appliances before homebuyers discard them from their options. These repairs aren’t very expensive nor require vast knowledge. Replacing the broken windows, patching the holes on the walls or floor, painting the walls, or fixing leaky faucets are examples of this.

Sell Your Home to a Home Buying Company

If you want to avoid the hassle of repairing, replacing, cleaning, and decorating your home, we’ve got the perfect solution: Sell it to a home buying company. These companies take full responsibility for repairs needed and can buy your home for cash in an extremely short period, and the best part is that they charge no fees or commissions. 


Sell My House Now With No Hassle 

If you’ve been wondering, “Is it possible to sell my ugly house fast?” Stop worrying about your home condition and location. At Travis Buys Homes, we’re ready to buy your house fast for cash. Our team will provide you with exceptional customer service and a fair all-cash offer for your property in no more than 72 hours. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.