Experienced and Caring Home Buying Company in Charlotte, NC.

We know how frustrating selling your house can be. Finding a buyer by yourself is an arduous task, so you may consider hiring a real estate agency, but this is not the best option when you want to save money. Real estate agencies charge for a commission, your house can stay listed on the market for an average of 50 days until closing, and you have to manage the repairs your home may need. 


Not many people consider home buying companies when selling their houses, but this is because they do not know all the benefits of working with a cash homebuyer. There’s no need to go around looking for a buyer; home buying companies are always ready to buy your home. If you don’t have the patience to personally get involved in the house selling process nor have the time to indulge in multiple house showings, getting in touch with a home buying company is ideal for you.


Travis Buys Homes is a home buying company in Charlotte, NC. We help residents in the surrounding area who want to sell their houses fast. It doesn’t matter why you’re selling your home or its condition; we’ll buy it. We want to get you out of that situation and make sure you have the cash in your hand when you need it.



Why Travis Buys Homes?

When you sell your house to a home buying company, you avoid all the unnecessary steps. Forget about commissions, hidden fees, and searching for contractors, and managing the repairs yourself. Travis Buys Homes guarantees a very fast buy of your home without beating around the bush. 


  • Fair Pricing: We have experts who place a figure after an assessment of your home, and if you think the price is unfair, we can renegotiate until you’re satisfied. 
  • Hassle-free Selling Process: Forget about the stress; we’ll handle most of the transactions. No listing, showings, or staging. We’ll even handle repairs and deduct the costs and won’t charge you a commission.
  • Fast and Straightforward Process: Contact us through our website or Facebook, or give us a free call. Give us details about your home, schedule a visit, and we’ll handle the rest. You choose when it’s the right time to close the deal.

We’ll Buy Your House

Forget about complicated processes when selling your house. Contact the best home buying company in Charlotte, NC, and sell your house within a week. At Travis Buys Homes we ensure you’ll get a fair price for your home and will be satisfied with our service.



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