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How Much Time Do We Have To Sell Our House Before We Lose It To Foreclosure?

The foreclosure process typically starts with a borrower missing several mortgage payments. After this occurs, the lender will send a letter reminding the borrowers of their default payments.

The next step involves sending an accelerated default notice. This gives the borrower a certain amount of days to make up missed payments by paying all back due balances, late fees included. The foreclosure process begins if these measures don’t work and more than 90 consecutive days pass without the borrower complying with past-due mortgage payments.

Can I Sell My House In Pre-Foreclosure?

Yes! You have the option to sell your home until the mortgage lender sells it at auction. Some state laws allow up to months following the acceleration notice before lenders can file and start the foreclosure process. However, it should be noted that if a homeowner misses one single payment during this period, even if other previous mortgage payments were made on time, lenders will begin proceedings against them.

Generally, once foreclosures reach legal action – borrowers only have around 90 days from initiation until their home is at risk of being legally taken by creditors. 

Is It Too Late To Sell My House During Foreclosure?

When a mortgage lender exercises its right to sell a property on which the owner has defaulted on payments, the property is called for foreclosure. Before selling the property, the lender provides the homeowner a period to make payments or alternative arrangements.

The lender will then auction off the property. The auction notice must be publicized four weeks before the auction, giving the homeowner time to sell, refinance, make all outstanding payments on the property, and negotiate a loan modification with the lender.

Foreclosed homes are auctioned off by the mortgage lender, and the owner has an opportunity to redeem the property by paying the lender back in full (typically within six months to a year). Therefore, unless you repay the mortgage lender in full following the auction, you will no longer own the home and will be unable to sell it.

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