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How To Sell Your Multi-Family Property Fast

Do you know what a multi-family property is? If you don’t, don’t worry! We’ll explain it to you. This article explains what a multi-family property is, what challenges you might encounter when selling it, and how you can do it fast. So, if you want to sell your duplex fast, but you don’t know how to do it, you should keep on reading.


What Is A Multi-Family Property?

A multi-family property is any residential building in which several families live. The building it’s separated into various units. For example, a building can be separated into 68 units or a house where the owner can rent one floor. There are four types of multi-family properties, which are the following:


  • Duplex: This type of property is a two-floor house in which two families live on each floor. They share the same front door and foyer, but each family also has a different entrance to the foyer. A triplex or quadplex is similar, but they have three or four separate units, respectively.
  • Townhouses: These buildings share exterior walls but are bought and sold separately. However, they have their private entrance. A row of townhouses usually extends the length of a city block.
  • Semi-detached homes: These buildings are very similar to townhouses, but they only contain two units. 
  • Apartments: These buildings are a single structure, but they have at least five separate units. However, if it hosts businesses, it’s a mixed-use building.


Mistakes To Avoid When Selling A Multi-Family Property

Selling your multi-family property can come with many challenges. If you haven’t sold a multi-family property before, and you want to make this process as easier as possible, there are some mistakes you might want to avoid.


Legal Apartments

The number of units in your property that are occupied will not always be the same as the number of legal units. Many apartments can be rented out without having legal status with the city. When selling your multi-family home, be careful with the number of legal properties. A unit might be rentable, but it can make thousands of dollars in property costs and mortgage payments if it’s not legal.



A huge issue of selling a multi-family building has to do with tenants. Even though it’s great to have fully rented units in your building, it can get you in trouble and make it difficult to sell your building. Most buyers who purchase these buildings are looking to live in one of the units. This allows them to make an FHA loan. 

To claim the property, the buyer is required to move in within sixty days of the closing date. If your tenants have leases that run longer, they won’t be able to move and opt for this loan option. An easy way to solve this issue is selling your house to cash home buyer companies, which will not require using a unit as a primary residence.


How To Sell Your Multi-Family Building Fast

Selling your multi-family property can be a complicated and time-consuming process. The first thing to do is find the right way to sell it. The fastest and most efficient way to sell this type of building is to sell it to a cash home buyer company. If you’re like most homeowners, you may not want to sell your building yourself because of the intricacies involved in selling a multi-family property. 


Once you’ve found a good home buying company that’s willing to work with you on this endeavor, everything becomes easier. At first, some people are a little hesitant about the idea because they’re not sure if it’s even possible to sell multi-family properties for cash without going through a traditional sale. But selling your multi-family property to a cash home buyer is the best choice.


The reason why selling your multi-family building to a cash home buyer is your best alternative it’s because you won’t have to deal with all the processes that a traditional real estate agent will make you go through. From choosing an agent, settling on a sale price, marketing, paying fees, lots of paperwork, etc. While if you sell it to home buyers, you will have a great offer in a week, without any of these hassles.


In conclusion, if you want to sell your multi-family properties, the fastest way to do it is by selling them to a cash home buyer.


Sell Your Multi-Family Building To Homebuyers

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