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Real Estate Agent Vs. Home Buying Company

Home buying companies are becoming increasingly popular in today’s housing market. Still, many people only know they can sell their homes through real estate agents. Here, we’ll go through the differences between these two selling methods so you can decide which is a better solution.

What’s A Home Buyer

Home buyers are businesses dedicated to purchasing a property. Companies that buy houses offer benefits over real estate agents, who may be out of touch with the current market. Home buying companies benefit consumers by providing simplified procedures, standardization of paperwork, and savings on closing costs.

Working With An Agent

People have long associated real estate agents with being beneficial to homebuyers for their expertise in local markets, negotiating skills, and knowledge of new developments. However, changes within today’s housing market have led many people to choose home buying companies over agents.


These changes include progressively higher commissions paid by sellers to agents, fewer available properties listed on the market, more competition between buyers for these homes, and busy schedules among potential homebuyers combined with the need for more flexible showings.

Instant Cash Offers

In today’s market, home buying companies have been increasing in popularity due to their benefits over real estate agents. Negotiating a cash offer on a house with a realtor can be a pain in the neck. Although real estate agents will pay their money from a commission when selling a house, home buyers work by making a cash offers on a home and don’t charge fees.


Home buyers buy houses for cash–no commissions or fees. In addition to saving thousands in record-breaking commission rates paid by sellers, home buyers also pay closing costs and buy you out at closing. Using this method, you get 100% of your asking price on day one!

Selling As-Is

Another benefit of selling your home to a home buying company is that you don’t need to make any repairs ahead of time. Most companies buy houses as-is, which means they’ll purchase the property even if it has no kitchen or bathroom. This benefits sellers because there’s no need to spend money on renovations that could be lost when trying to sell through an agent; plus, you can close faster!

Home Buyer For Charlotte Homeowners


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