Too Expensive To Repair Your Home? We’ll Buy It!

When a disaster strikes your home, the repairs can be overwhelming. It is expensive to have the damages fixed, and having a contractor in your house can be an inconvenience. You have to find a way to keep up with work and life while they’re fixing whatever needs repairing. But with Travis Buys Homes, you won’t have to worry about this. We’ll buy your house fast in an as-is state, no matter how bad it is.

Repairs Can Be Overwhelming 

There are so many damages that can occur to a home that require expensive repair or replacement projects. Whether it’s a natural occurrence, a human accident, or simply from age and wear, many causes can damage a home. Still, they can easily become a tedious and expensive process. Here are common types of repairs.


  • Plumbing

Bad plumbing can result from a wide variety of problems, from the pipes themselves to faulty appliances and more. No matter what is causing your specific issue, they’ll all need to be addressed before you can use your plumbing easily. This can be costly and take more time than our selling process – which we finish within days of starting.


  • Roofing

It’s hard to ignore a leaky roof or one that needs to be repaired after a major storm. Just one incident can cause the roof to warp and ruin all of the underlayment and shingles, leaving you with expensive replacement costs for both or simply no roof at all if it’s too damaged. 

At Travis Buys Homes we give cash for homes fast, so you could more feasible move to a home in pristine condition.

  • Electric Wiring

Items like faulty outlets, bad lighting, and appliances not working properly can all be caused by faulty wiring. Wiring is often found behind walls and ceilings where it’s hard to see or access; having a professional come in to fix it is the only option for these situations. 

At Travis Buys Homes we buy houses fast so you can move with no delay to a house with excellent electrical wiring.


  • Repairs On The Inside

No matter what damage your home is subject to, you’re going to need repair work inside. Everything from drywall to flooring may need replacement or repairs, depending on the severity of the damage. At Travis Buys Homes we give the best amount of cash for homes so you can afford moving to a better suited house with no delays.


No More Uncomfortable Living!

When a home is damaged, living there becomes very uncomfortable. You might have to deal with the noises of workmen doing repairs or even pests moving into your home while you can’t do anything about it. When you choose to sell your house with us, you won’t have to worry about this. 

At Travis Buys Homes, when we buy your home in an as-is state, we’ll take care of all the repairs needed. Our team will give you immediate cash offers that are fair for the value of your home. You won’t have to worry about repairs or an extended selling period. With just one showing you can finish selling us your home within days. We buy houses fast and give great offers in cash for homes.


Travis Buys Homes, Your Perfect Solution

Is it too expensive to repair your home? Then let the professionals at Travis Buys Homes help you out. We’ll buy your house as-is, so you won’t have to worry about those expensive repairs. We can give you a great price for your home and help relieve the stress from you.

For more information on how we work, check us out.