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What Makes Selling a Hoarder House So Hard?

Hoarding is a serious mental condition. It is the need to acquire, and not get rid of, any kind of things: from plastic cups to shoes – anything. No matter the value of the object, a hoarder may feel extreme stress when someone even suggests getting rid of something, even if that something is trash in the eyes of others.


Hoarding can lead to very unsanitary and unsafe conditions that can not only pose a threat to the homeowners but also to the neighbors. These spaces are also prone to threat of bacteria and vermin that may cause many types of illnesses to those who live in the hoarded home. 


When a hoarder passes away – or decides to leave the house – what to do with the property becomes a huge problem. Cleaning it and getting rid of all the accumulated stuff seems like a burden – so all there’s left to do is to sell it. But, who would want to buy a hoarder house? What problems do people face when trying to sell a hoarder house?

Major Problems When Selling a Hoarder House

Trying to sell a house on the market is never an easy task. And if it’s a hoarder house you’re selling it becomes nearly impossible. People always compare the houses on the market. And unfortunately, many houses being sold are renovated, spotlessly clean, updated, and have multiple professional photos. 


These houses sell fast because home buyers can easily see themselves living there. People want to buy houses that don’t require a lot of work and that they can move in fast without doing any major renovations or maintenance work. Hoarder homes, on the other hand, are the complete opposite. Buying a hoarder house may seem like an investment to them.


When attempting to sell a hoarder house on the market, there are two possible outcomes: you’ll either find yourself investing a lot of money to manage things like rotting flooring or having to sell it at a loss. However, this may not be your only issue when it comes to selling a hoarder house. 


  1. Almost Impossible To Take Interior Photos

Statistics show that 92% of home buyers look for their new home online, meaning that the only way to entice these 92% of prospective buyers is with good photos of the property. Photos are able to sell the home even before the buyer arrives at the home. And if it’s a hoarder house you’re trying to sell, you know this can be almost impossible.


In a perfect world, you would clear out the entire house and take the photos. However, the more likely scenario will be that you’ll end up taking photos of the house with its clutter or only post exterior photos, and neither of these will help you sell your house quickly.

  1. Open House Logistics

Let’s imagine that you posted photos of the property and that you would like to have an open house – which is a natural step when selling a home. Most home buyers won’t even get past the front door. And if they do, there are security issues they will face. These types of houses usually have tripping hazards and the exposure to mold and germs can be dangerous.

  1. Outsider Judgment

If a person with a hoarding disorder gets prospective buyers to visit their home, it is extremely likely that they will make hurtful comments about the property. This situation can be extremely frightening for the hoarder – and may postpone moving until they are required to do so.


Sometimes, it is almost impossible for a hoarder to know why they do it or to even see the problem. For others, it’s impossible without mental help from a professional. 

  1. Lack of Time and Money

Time definitely is the biggest hurdle a hoarder will face when trying to sell their house. It takes a lot of time (and money) to clear out a house, get it up to code, clean it, and finally sell it. However, if the hoarder is facing lack of funds for mortgage payments, time-limits given by city officials, or something else, time may not be on their side.

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